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VRTheatre is a mixed reality media player application powered by VLC. It allows the user to watch videos in a variety of simulated VR environments. VRT currently supports the Oculus Rift (DK2 and CV1) and Leap Motion Controller as well as Gamepad, Oculus Remote, or Keyboard and mouse for interface/control. Support for additional motion control devices is coming soon.

- Playback engine powered by VLC. Supports most video formats supported by VLC
- Direct video device display support (allows things like webcams, capture cards etc to be displayed.)
- Multiple immersive video watching locations (asteroid, island, void, etc)
- AR modes (Leap Motion Required)
- Resizeable screens

- HTML5 Browser (Mnemonic Mode only currently, very basic but will improve over time)
- Dynamically generatable/movable/resizable display mode ( Mnemonic mode)
- Multiple supported control types: Leap Motion (Recommended), Gamepad, Keyboard and Mouse or any combo of the three

Footage of VRTheatre in action:

Video footage of the AR Dynamic Display Mode (AR Matrix Mode):

Video footage of the Dynamic Display Mode (Mnemonic Mode):

How to use:

**A Detailed User guide is available here**

VRTheatre can be controlled via Leap Motion (preferred), Gamepad, Keyboard and Mouse, or any combination of the three.

VRTheatre can be controlled via Leap Motion (preferred), Gamepad, Keyboard and Mouse, or any combination of the three. To display the button mappings press the Y button on the gamepad, or press the H button on the keyboard for keyboard mappings. For Leap Motion Control, look down at the back of your left hand. You will notice a large blue orb. This is the Leap Motion control panel activator. To open the Leap Motion control panel, place your index finger from your right hand on the back of your left hand on the activator orb and hold for 1-2 secs. This will spawn the control panel tablet in your view. Press and hold the activator orb again to close the panel. You can also close the panel by pressing and holding the circular button on the bottom center of the panel. A user guide with more detailed information is availableWe recommend watching the VRTheatre video footage posted above as it demonstrates a lot of the interactions.

Button Layout diagrams and user guide are available here:

User Guide



System Requirements:
Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64bit)
Oculus Rift (DK2 or CV1)
Oculus Platform 1.7 or higher

For Leap Motion Support:

Leap Motion Orion (v3.0) or higher

Leap Motion in Head Mounted position

Visit http://www.eyecreateworlds.com for more info!

Install instructions

Extract Zip and run VRTheatre.exe. Run Executable and enjoy!


VRTheatre_v1.0_Beta_Oculus.zip (228 MB)


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